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Easyflex VibraSystems 2 Spring Vibration Isolators Bolted Top With Leveling, 1'' Deflection

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$539.00 - $559.00
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Rugged welded steel housing designed to withstand seismic and high wind forces. Safety factor - Springs will accommodate 50% extra load from rated load to solid load. All  elements of these vibration isolators are safe at solid load.

Vibrasystems isolators are tested and certified to ASHRAE 171-2017 for wind and seismic load resistance using cyclic loading in multiple directions.  This protocol is more suited for a variety of applications than the OSHPD OPM program, which is only for seismic loads and is intended to provide attachment details for specific equipment, with limited application to other equipment.

Using the seismic and wind capacities in the Vibrasystems certification, a consulting engineer can select the proper isolator based on the demand forces calculated for any configuration of isolators.  This gives the engineer flexibility to use more or larger isolators as needed to meet the load demand.

There are two available configurations of this damper:

  • SRMF: flat top with an inside leveling adjustment feature. 
  • SRMT: bolted top with leveling adjustment feature.

Recommended for vibration attenuation in:

HVAC equipment, fan air circulation systems, compressors, pumps, chillers, AC units, cooling towers, inertia bases, etc.