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Easyflex VibraSystems Spring Vibration Isolators/Hangers, Deflection 2 inch

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$96.00 - $112.00
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HA-S, HB-S, HC-S, and HD-S models are heavy duty antivibration spring hangers and incorporate a new design of steel housing, with the base's two sides bent down.

This design of our spring hanger for ceiling and suspended applications considerably increases the rigidity of the steel frame, eliminating the possibility of the bending of the frame's bottom plate under heavy loads. Elastomer cups at the base and top of the spring have vulcanized steel washers to provide even and uniform distribution on the bottom plate of the steel housing. Antivibration elastomer cups reduce the transfer of vibrations and noise. Spring isolator will accomodate 50% overload on the published rated load of the spring for the safety and occasional shocks. All vibration isolator elements are fail safe and tested. Spring in side the housing are colour coded for an easy identification.

Recommended For vibration absoption in:

Spring vibration isolators/hangers are used for suspended equipment, such as: fans, coil units, air circulation units, pipes, ducts, and other hanging structures. These dampeners are used across all the mechanical rooms and equipment in the buildings.