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Easyflex VibraSystems Spring Isolator/Restrainer, 2 Inch Deflection

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$130.00 - $163.00
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SMSR-BA / BF / BT spring isolators are designed to provide efficient vibration dampening from critical structural vibrations and all-directional restraint from vertical and horizontal forces, as well as from forces due to seismic activities and high wind loads.

Spring antivibration mounts are manufactured to increase the life of the mechanical equipment and protect it from shock, vibration impact, and other disturbances, such as earthquakes, higher winds, and other natural disasters.

These spring isolators feature zinc-plated housing for excellent corrosion resistance, color-coded springs for easy field identification, 1" and 2" Deflection spring options at rated load, and 50% additional coil travel as a safety factor.

There are three available configurations to choose while installing spring vibration isolators:

  • SMSR-BA: top with a bracket and inside leveling adjustment feature - this option is widely used during the installation of roof curbs for cooling towers and similar HVAC equipment.
  • SMSR-BF: flat top with an inside leveling adjustment feature - preferable choice if welding of the spring isolators to the equipment or support is necessary.
  • SMSR-BT: bolted top with leveling adjustment feature - most common variation when equipment can be directly bolted on top of these vibration dampers.

Recommended for vibration isolation of:

HVAC equipment, fan air circulation systems, compressors, pumps, chillers, AC units, cooling towers, inertia bases, etc.