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Easyflex VibraSystems Heavy-Duty Welded Inertia Bases

Original price $867.00 - Original price $1,445.00
Original price
$867.00 - $1,445.00
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Welded Inertia Bases are designed according to ASHRAE guidelines. Made from structural steel C Channels and reinforced with welded steel square bars each WIB6 has welded brackets to install spring mounts under them. Welded Inertia Bases are finished with a rustproof primer and a topcoat paint. 

Recommended for:

HVAC equipment such as air compressors, vacuum pumps, close-coupled pumps, inline pumps, end suction pumps, double suction pumps, package pump systems, axial fans, plenum fans, centrifugal fans, engine-driven generators, packaged Air Handler Unit, packaged Air Conditioner Unit, industrial centrifuges, etc.