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Easyflex Open Spring Mount Isolator, 1" Deflection (Pack of 4)

Easyflex Open Spring Mount Isolator, 1" Deflection (Pack of 4)

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This unique range of open spring mounting uses an integral rubber end fixing of the spring which sets them apart from all other designs. Loose springs and plates are now history and high frequency and noise attenuation is provided regardless of whether rubber seating pad is used or not. Originally designed for use with type IPF Inertia Pouring Frames, the Easyflex open spring Mountings are now widely used to isolate vibration from every conceivable type of rotating and reciprocating machine. Some examples being air handing units, axial and centrifugal fans, low level pipe work, duct work, condensing units, pumps, generating sets, chillers, etc. Where control of transient motion is required open spring mountings can be used in conjunction with our Viscous Dampers.


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