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Easyflex VibraSystems Pipe Riser Clamp

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£8.00 - £70.00
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PRC – Pipe riser clamps are commonly used in the industry to give structural support to vertical pipes so the piping weight is distributed over several floors.

Pipe riser clamp when in conjunction with spring mounts can also accommodate the thermal expansion/contraction of the pipe length. The new line of Vibrasystems’s Pipe riser clamps is rigid clamps made from formed steel and electro-galvanized for great corrosion protection. PRC Pipe riser clamps are provided with two clamps, two bolts, and two nuts.

Recommended for:

Vertical pipes in multi-floor buildings for water, steam, or gas piping systems.  The riser clamps are in compliance with ANSI-MSS SP-69 & SP-58 (Type 8), VW-H-171E & A-A-1192A (Type 8).