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Easyflex VibraSystems Bridge Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushing

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BBN - Bridge-Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushings are commonly used in the industry to isolate bolts, studs, anchor bolts, and threaded rods from structural frames.

Vibrasystem’s BBN washer bushings provide acoustical isolation, reduce transmission of minor vibrations, and prevent metal-to-metal contact between bolts and frames.  Vibrasystems’s BBN washer bushings are made of high-quality bridge-bearing neoprene which is excellent for shock, vibration, rotation, and shear isolation.

Recommended for:

Vibrasystem’s BBN  washer bushings are designed to isolate bolts, anchor bolts, studs, and threaded rods at mounting points, motors, pumps, pump stands, fans, mounting plates, outdoor units, circuit board, etc. In seismic applications, the Bridge Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushing reduces bolt shearing impact forces.