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Easyflex Rubber and Spring Combination Acoustic Isolation Ceiling Hangers, Top Hole 15mm and 25mm Deflection (Pack of 4)

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£118.00 - £212.00
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Easyflex Spring Hangers consist of freestanding. laterally stable steel springs in series with a molded elastomeric element assembled into a stamped and welded hanger bracket. The hanger brackets and the springs are powder coated. Spring vibration isolation hangers are designed to provide high efficiency isolation from structure-borne vibration and noise. Springs are color-coded and in compliance with ASHRAE guidelines, springs are designed with a horizontal stiffness of at least 100% of the vertical stiffness, to ensure stability. This is achieved through high spring diameter to operating height ratios - 0.85 to 1.0 (as against the minimum of 0.80 required by ASHRAE). These Hangers are double deflection Hangers specially suitable for Seismic Applications.

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