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Easyflex Flexible Duct Connector Fiberglass Cloth, Coated on Both Sides With Silicone (24 ga)

Original price £196.00 - Original price £237.00
Original price
£196.00 - £237.00
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In order to isolate vibrations caused by air handling units, fans or other equipment connected to air ducts, it is highly recommended to install a flexible duct connector joint between the outlet of these devices and the airduct.

Technical description

  • Fabric made of Fiberglass cloth, coated on both sides with Silicone
  • Galvanized steel thickness 0,6 mm (24 ga)
  • Seam Type LOC 3
  • Standard length of roll: 30,5 m (100 ft)
  • Other lengths and sizes on request

Product Details