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Easyflex Sound Isolation Clips

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£49.00 - £308.00
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EasyMute Sound Isolation Clips are primarily used to interrupt the low of energy from one material to the next. For example, if you had two rooms with a common wall, you would need to separate, or decouple the drywall from the studs to stop the transmission of sound waves. EasyMute Sound Clips are used to soundproof walls in ceilings by decoupling one side of the structure from the other. This allows each side to vibrate independently and drastically cut down on the sound transfer. The best decoupling methods involve using resilient sound clips which are attached to ceiling/wall joists, Metal Furring Channels are then snapped into the channels and the drywall is fastened to the channels. This system is also called a "Floating Wall/Ceiling" and significantly lowers the ability for sound, specially low frequency sound, from transmitting into the room where they're installed.

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