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Get 5% off above $100

Easyflex Rubber Expansion Joints with Integral Rubber Flanges 230 PSI, Drilling: ANSI B16.5 Class 150#

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The purpose of an Expansion Joint in general, regardless of design or materials of construction, is to provide a point of flexibility in a piping or duct system in order to absorb the growth of the piping due to thermal changes in the media and/or the environment, and to absorb the dynamic movements of machinery, buildings and structures that the piping is attached to or a part of. The Rubber Expansion Joint, because of the non-metallic nature of its construction, offers the piping and ductwork designer advantages within the temperature and pressure ranges of these joints, which cannot be matched by all metal expansion, joints. Consisting of flanged ends and a flexible section, much the same as a flanged metal bellows, the rubber expansion joint can absorb within its free length more movements, particularly lateral, than any other joint of similar overall size and pressure rating. The flexible section of a Rubber Expansion Joints is most often a single convolution, which, because of the inherent flexibility of the materials, can accept large lateral movements with low force, a phenomena which requires multiple convolutions in metal bellows. During axial and angular movements, the rubber convolution deflects much the same way that the metal convolution does. The limits of these motions are determined by the geometric shape and size of the convolution and the inherent pressure resisting capacity of the design.

  • Greater Movements
  • Higher Pressure Ratings
  • No gaskets required.
  • Absorbs & Isolates Vibrations/Noise/Shock.
  • Molded Design for better quality up to size 14" NB.
  • Reduces System Noise
  • Absorbs Pipe Movement/Stress.
  • Compensates for Misalignment/Offset.
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